Exemplary projects of our stainless steel reinforcement in structural design

Indoor swimming pool St. Moritz: White exposed concrete

To give the new indoor swimming pool a bright, inviting impression, white exposed concrete was used. White fair-faced concrete places the highest demands on all those involved in the construction work in terms of care and cleanliness. Thanks to the chrome content of the Top12, no rust water is produced. The ceiling formwork, and thus the exposed concrete soffit, remain clean when rainwater drips from the reinforcement. And no rust water runs down from the protruding connection bars, which could cause the undesirable rust plumes on the concrete surface. In its final state, the Top12 leads to increased durability in the indoor pool atmosphere.

Object: Ovaverva indoor pool St. Moritz, CH
Application: Reinforcement in exposed concrete
Product: Top12
Implementation: 2012-2014

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Freestyle Park in Zurich: connecting bridge

In the freestyle park Allmend Brunau in Zurich a skater bridge was planned as a connection between two parts of the park. Since skaters cannot travel on a "soft" surface and this would be destroyed within a very short time, neither a coated concrete surface nor a sealing of the bridge slab was considered for the construction. Since the bridge was also not intended for general road and pedestrian traffic, the use of road salt could be neglected in the planning. It was therefore decided to build the bridge in mono concrete with a smoothed surface and to use the corrosion resistant steel Top12 for the reinforcement.

Object: Connecting bridge in the Freestyle Park Zurich, CH
Application: Reinforcement of the connecting bridge
Product: Top12
Implementation: Summer 2012

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Residential building in Küsnacht: External reinforcement of the concrete facade

A designed concrete surface is a frequent request from clients and architects. In this case, the concrete surface was stripped and scratched after 24 hours. During this process, pieces of aggregate of up to 15 mm of the limestone concrete used can be scraped out and locally reduce the reinforcement cover. In addition, optimal curing of the concrete is difficult. In order to satisfy the aspects of aesthetics and durability equally, the use of robust reinforcement is recommended. The Top12 reinforcing steel has a chromium content of 12% and thus has increased corrosion resistance. In building construction, Top12 is suitable for structural elements that are at risk of corrosion of the reinforcement due to carbonation.

Object: Residential Building in Küsnacht, CH
Application: External reinforcement of the concrete facade
Product: Top12
Implementation: 2008-2009

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Aviaries in Bois-de-la Bâtie, Geneva: Upper reinforcement of the concrete slab (roofing)

Two new aviaries have been built in the Bois-de-la-Bâtie to house the birds of the park in case of avian flu. The aviaries merge with their surroundings thanks to their supports imitating trees, the virtually transparent grids and the fineness of the roof. Thanks to the use of Top12 reinforcing steel with increased corrosion resistance, the reinforcement coverage on the weathered side of the concrete slab (roofing) has been reduced to 20 mm.

Object: Aviaries in Bois-de-la Bâtie, Genf, CH
Application: Upper reinforcement of the concrete slab (roofing)
Product: Top12
Implementation: 2008

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Conversion of the Klostermatte old people's center: Reinforcement for earthquake walls

The earthquake regulations in the building standards have been significantly increased in recent years. Therefore many buildings have to be upgraded accordingly. During the reconstruction of the Klostermatte retirement center, all three existing buildings will be reinforced with four earthquake walls. Due to the lack of space and the very high stress, Top700 is used.

Object: Klostermatte retirement center, CH
Application: Reinforcement for earthquake walls
Product: Top700
Implementation: 2014

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Badresidenz Hirschen, Switzerland: Reinforcement of the cover of the parking roof

The Badresidenz convinces architecturally through skillful interaction with and integration into the surroundings. On the hillside there is a parking hall. The tensile forces of this hall ceiling are taken up by an exposed tension member. This cover is very strongly reinforced. In order to avoid a too high reinforcement content and not to restrict the concreting ability, higher strength steel was used for the incumbent longitudinal reinforcement.

Object: Badresidenz Hirschen, Ennetbaden, CH
Application: Reinforcement of the cover of the parking hall roof
Product: Top700
Implementation: 2009-2010

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New building St. Josef Foundation (hospital building): earthquake-proof concrete walls

The St. Josef Foundation project in Bremgarten is a nursing home for mentally disabled people. Due to the high requirements regarding the interior fittings (hospital construction) and the associated building services, the number of earthquake walls (number and thickness) had to be optimized. In spite of the dynamic calculation method, considerable wall loads result. To ensure equilibrium, a considerable number of the usual B500B reinforcing steel and, due to the feasibility (impact formation), and corresponding wall thicknesses were necessary. With the help of the Top700 reinforcing steel and suitable socket joints, the thickness of the concrete walls could be optimized and the ability to be executed with standard concrete was ensured.

Object: New St. Josef Foundation building, CH
Application: earthquake-proof concrete walls
Product: Top700
Implementation: 2014 - 2015

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New Roche building Rotkreuz: Reinforcement of the prefabricated facade and interior columns

The extraordinary static concept of the building requires highly loadable supports. In the case of the slim, prefabricated, V-shaped façade columns, the higher-strength reinforcing steel provided static and design advantages, especially in the area of the column nodes and power transmission lines. The highly loaded V-shaped internal columns on the ground floor were only possible in combination with a central steel core and peripheral, higher-strength reinforcing bars.

Object: Roche ABR Building 5, Rotkreuz, CH
Application: Reinforcement of prefabricated facade and interior columns
Product: Top700
Implementation: 2010 - 2011

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Collège du Léman, Switzerland: Reinforcement of the highly stressed in-situ concrete columns

The extension of the school "Collège du Léman" required the construction of a new double gymnasium. The main columns of the hall, which were constructed using in-situ concrete, are subject to very high loads (6MN on a cross-section of 50 cm x 50 cm). Excessive reinforcement could be prevented by using Top700.

Object: Collège du Léman, Renens, CH
Application: Reinforcement of the highly stressed in-situ concrete columns of a gymnasium
Product: Top700
Implementation: 2007-2008

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New construction of the bus station Schaan: Reinforcement of the in-situ concrete columns

In the center of Schaan a new bus station with underground parking was built. The earthquake load of the 1'400 m2 roof is supported by 6 cylindrical in-situ concrete columns. For the columns of 5 meters in height and 1 meter in diameter, the use of higher-strength reinforcing steel was technically sensible (improvement of the space situation) and economical.

Object: Schaan bus station, LI
Application: Reinforcement of in-situ concrete columns
Product: Top700
Implementation: 2009 - 2010

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Durable recycled concrete in structural design - Full-surface Top12 application in sample pavilion made of recycled concrete

Recycled concrete, or r-concrete, is an innovative material. As recycled aggregate, old building materials from structural engineering can be returned to structural engineering by processing them into materials for concrete production. The recycling project in the Bayernkaserne barracks in Munich is a pioneer project throughout Europe. To minimize the risk of corrosion and thus increase durability, Top12 was used as a stainless reinforcing steel over the entire surface.

Object: Sample pavilion from r-concrete
Application: Full-surface application in columns and ceiling
Product: Top12
Implementation: 03/2021–07/2021

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