Exemplary projects of our stainless steel reinforcement in bridges

Munich East motorway junction: Installation of Top12 in piers

40 years after the commissioning of the motorway junction, the main inspection reveals significant defects in the building fabric, in particular in the superstructure of the bridge structure. Economic feasibility studies show that a replacement new construction is preferable to a fundamental structural restoration, also with regard to future traffic development. In addition to optimizing the concrete composition, the piers will be provided with Top12 reinforcing steel for the connecting reinforcement of the foundations, the piers themselves and for the bearing bases.

Object: Munich East Motorway junction, DE
Application: Pillar
Product: Top12
Implementation: March 2017 to November 2019

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Josefgalerie on the Simplon Pass: Reinforcement of the guide walls

The galleries on the Simplon Pass were repaired and, among other things, provided with guide walls. Experience has shown that large concentrations of chlorides from de-icing salts occur in components in the spray water area of road galleries. Measurements taken during the condition assessment of the rear wall of the gallery revealed chloride contents of approx. 2 M.%/Z at reinforcement height (at a depth of 2-3 cm). In order to prevent corrosion of the reinforcement even under such loads, the guide wall was reinforced with Top12 (stirrups and longitudinal reinforcement on the road side) and covered by a 4-5 cm layer.

Object: Joseph Gallery at the Simplon Pass, CH
Application: Reinforcement of guide walls
Product: Top12
Implementation: 2010

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Lehnen viaducts in Bern: Additional reinforcement in the roadway slab

The viaduct had to be upgraded for higher loads and for another 50 years of use. For this purpose, additional longitudinal and shear reinforcement was inserted over the piled-up support yokes. Due to the height ratios, the reinforcement overlap could be max. 25 mm, which is why the low-corrosion Top12 reinforcing steel was used. The 34 tons of Top12 used resulted in additional costs of CHF 100,000 or 4% of the total construction sum of CHF 2.6 million. 

Object: Lehnen viaducts, Bern, CH
Application: Additional reinforcement in the carriageway slab
Product: Top12
Implementation: 2003 - 2004

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Repair of Pont Bessières bridge: Reinforcement of the edges

The H144 crosses the Rhone valley in the Chablais. The biggest construction is the red bridge over the Rhone near Evouettes. The slender design of the piers helps to integrate the structure harmoniously into the sensitive landscape. The resulting high density of reinforcement was reduced to an acceptable level - and one that makes concreting easy - by using the high-strength Top700 reinforcing steel.

Project: Viaduc sur le Rhone of the H144 in Chablais (VS/VD), CH
Application: Reinforcement of bridge piers
Product: Top700
Implementation: 2010 - 2011

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Traubach Bridge in Bern: Reinforcement of the pre-concrete of the inner side of the trough

The bridge, designed by Robert Maillart in 1932, was originally dimensioned for 7 tons and was strengthened to 28 tons by pre-concreting in the bridge trough, pre-tensioning the superstructure and abutment reinforcements. The bridge trough was cracked and chloride contaminated, an old coating was defective. The chloride contaminated concrete was removed down to the existing reinforcement. The new pre-cast concrete was reinforced with low-corrosion reinforcing steel Top12 (reinforcement overlap: 30 mm, no coating). The outer exposed concrete surfaces (tamped concrete) showed only local corrosion damage and were preserved by means of deep hydrophobic treatment.

Object: Traubach Bridge Bern, CH
Application: Reinforcement of the pre-concrete of the inner side of the trough
Product: Top12
Implementation: 2004 - 2005

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Rhone viaduct of the H144: reinforcement of the bridge piers

The "Bessières" bridge, completed in 1910, had to be repaired due to considerable stress, especially from chlorides from de-icing agents. The roadway slab was sealed and the roadway crossing replaced. Finally, the corrosion protection of the steel structure was renewed, the edge seals repaired and new railings installed. In order to increase the durability of the edge seals, they were reinforced with low-corrosion Top12 reinforcing steel and covered with a dense, 40 mm thick cover concrete.

Project: Pont Bessières, Lausanne, CH
Application: Reinforcement of the edges
Product: Top12
Implementation: 2001 - 2003

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