The ideal solution to secure building structure

UGIGRIP® is a stainless steel brand produced by Ugitech. It's available in a wide range of grades. 

In addition to their excellent corrosion resistance which ensures a long service life for structures over several decades, the UGIGRIP® range provides a guarantee of:

  • Higher mechanical properties than with conventional steel, which allows the use of smaller cross sections or a reduction in reinforcement (meaning weight and labour savings);
  • Mechanical properties – yield strength and elongation – meeting the requirements of Eurocode 8, class M for earthquake-resistant construction;
  • A selection of non-magnetic stainless steels for buildings where this property is required: hospitals, banks, airports, meteorological stations, etc.
  • Mechanical properties at high temperature – tensile and creep – exceeding those of conventional steels, giving improved fire resistance;
  • A very low thermal conductivity which gives this product exceptional properties for treating thermal bridges.

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Advantages at a glance

  • Less maintenance and increased service life of structures
  • Less concrete: lighter structures
  • Reduced sections: weight saving
  • Thermal conductivity at 20°C (W.m-1.K-1) = 15
Available forms

  • Bar 
  • Coil

Available recommended grades

  • UGIGRIP® 4062
  • UGIGRIP® 4362
  • UGIGRIP® 4462

UGIGRIP®: mechanical and physical properties

Mechanical properties

Min. yield strengths (Rp0.2) expressed in N/mm²

Brand name Sizes (in mm)
4 to 14 16 to 25 32 and over
  UGIGRIP® 4062 650 N/mm2 650 N/mm2 500 N/mm2
  UGIGRIP® 4362
  UGIGRIP® 4462
  UGIGRIP® 4301 500 N/mm2
  UGIGRIP® 4311
  UGIGRIP® 4401
  UGIGRIP® 4406
  UGIGRIP® 4571
Physical properties
Structure Carbon Steel Austenitic stainless steel type 304-316 Duplex stainless steel
  Coefficient of linear expansion between 20°C and 100°C (10-6 K-1) 10 16 13
  Thermal conductivity at 20°C (W.m-1 K-1) 40 15 15
  Resistivity (Ω.mm2  m-1) 18-20 73-75 80
  Modulus of elasticity at 20°C (GPa) 18-20 193-196 200
  Magnetic yes no yes



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