Exemplary projects of our stainless steel reinforcement in tunnels

Tunnel Eching and Etterschlag: Repair of the slotted channels and emergency walkways

Within the scope of the safety retrofitting of the Eching and Etterschlag tunnels in the course of the A96 Lindau-Munich motorway, the slotted channels and emergency walkways had to be renewed or repaired due to the existing corrosion damage. After almost 20 years of operation, measurements during the condition assessment of the structures showed chloride contents at the level of the reinforcement which were significantly above the corrosion-inducing limit values. In order to prevent future reinforcement corrosion, the emergency walkways were equipped with optimized concrete technology and the low-corrosion reinforcing steel Top12-500.

Object: Tunnel Eching and Etterschlag, DE
Application: Emergency Enclosures
Product: Top12
Dimensions: 28 mm
Implementation: 2016

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Taubachtunnel A2: Reinforcement of banquet / scrape shelf

In the 260 m long cut-and-cover tunnel, only one of the four banisters is reinforced. Due to the limited space available and the exposed position of the component, Top12 corrosion-resistant reinforcing steel was used to reinforce this banquet, which is equipped with empty tubes. This resulted in a mean reinforcement overlap of 6 cm. The banquet was additionally hydrophobized. The total cost of the tunnel refurbishment amounted to CHF 6.6 million, of which CHF 26,000 was for 4.2 tons of Top12.

Object: Taubachtunnel A2, Uri, CH
Application: Reinforcement Banquet / Scraping Board
Product: Top12
Implementation: 2007

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